14 songs in 14 days (2015)

by eric moore

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writing a song daily for two weeks of the hottest and most unemployed summer ever.

mixed in East Hollywood.


released September 25, 2015

all lyrics and music by eric moore.



all rights reserved


eric moore Los Angeles, California

songs written in iowa, california, and new mexico.

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Track Name: pink fall
We could watch Harold and Maude
If you promise it won’t make you sad
I’m not trying to hide you away from yourself
It’s just most of these photos are bad.

I left all of my vigor in yesterday’s frets
And all of my sleep's tucked away
I dreamt of a girl who danced better than you
But her heart was like pink lemonade

All my journals seem like archaic feelings
Unpixelated, unashamed
If I could recall what it was to be raw
I could drown in titanium rain.

Remember you told me we’d stay out all night
And you fell asleep after one glass
I went walking alone until the sun rose
To inform me the moment had passed.

On a late frigid Tuesday we drank to the news
That I’d be leaving these sad mid-west chords
The burst of that night still pangs in my chest
When the stars pulse under closed doors.
Track Name: tandem bike is broken
These power lines are driving me crazy
These sore bones are all that I have
These power lines are driving me crazy
This old heart is making me sad
It’s not that bad

Tandem bike is broken
Fading in the sun
There’s people in the ocean
Who don’t belong to anyone

These power lines are driving me crazy
The sore bones are all that I have
These power lines are driving me crazy
This old heart's not making me sad
It was never that bad.
Track Name: blink
Barlights blink under sleepy-eyed streets
A styrofoam coffee steams in retreat
I am remembering what it is to be free
A light breeze will stop by
But a cold night will never leave.
Track Name: palm tree curfew
Make me a map out of crayons and attack
Places that don’t sound good after being played back
The palm tree’s curfew is under review
The lines aren’t to scale but no one gets a re-do

Let’s walk in a house and we’ll claim it as ours
Scuff up our shoes on the backs of old cars
Dream of a time when the world was more kind
Condense it into a peace we can never find

Become a bit of movement with me
Get intimate with anonymity
Prattle like we’re pristine in wit
End up breathing, and thinking
That’s it.
Track Name: orange peels, moon rocks
I would sign any clause stating
I was not involved
If the house would dissolve
Like it wasn’t real at all
I would claim I had no part
In a failure to restart
The only bit gripping me back
Are the footsteps and the cracks.

People skate along in woes wanting
Love to tuck in its toes
Sprawling out, and looking in
You said you could begin again
If you’re new I must be old
I faked the instructions I was told
To breathe in and then exhale
Holding my breath made me frail

No season’s gonna spurt up and take me this time
There’s no backdrop to the words I will find
Orange peels look like moon rock
When I’m nowhere and my heart stops

I would kiss any bird that
Liked the music I had heard
If the house was crumbled paint
I’d celebrate with cheap champagne
I’ve got lovely failures that
Will tear apart your welcome mats
Open yourself to boozy truth
It feels like you lost a tooth.
Track Name: october houses
Lying on the sidewalk with your feet sketching circles
Looking at the night with the frame of street light purples
Hair a sea, breath a fog, heart composed of Lincoln logs
Jackets wrapped loosely, half-asleep

You cough out a sound like a laugh
It’s not funny to me.

I walked up and broke your dreams of
Cheap book store philosophy
Between blinks you fumed and seized
Control and stuck to brevity.

I meant to join you on the hill
Under a splintered porch you still
Say October houses look nice
Until the autumn dies.
Track Name: three minutes after the bell rings when the hall is vacant
This song doesn't have vocals but it does have lyrics:

Three minutes after the bell rings
when the hall is vacant
when the tile looks oldest
when the sun creeps west

Three minutes into your drive
when you forget where you're going
when somebody crosses the street alone
when you wish you were walking distance to change

Three minutes with a conversation
when the eyes settle a bit
when the small talk ends
when an honest statement hunches nearby.
Track Name: nametag
I didn’t say much tonight but I didn’t tell the truth
About finding peace in subtlety when it comes to you
Keep seeing gum wrappers with charming two-line cues
About how to fall in love with this modern blues.

I didn’t play myself tonight but that is nothing new
The other cast is made of plastic in full bloom
If you stand on the balcony and block out the noise
You’ll calibrate to others who don’t want to add up the points.

Frozen by a canvas with no frame
There’s a sense of luck in ignoring the end
Sitting roadside frays the edges of old trends
A faded nametag is just another word for “friends”