by eric moore

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waffle cone - dedicated to patrick maccready

iron giant - dedicated to adam gromotka

jocey, marry me - isn't it obvious?

roscoe, illinois - dedicated to ginny/david moore

ghosts are real - dedicated to sirena lindsay

my first eight months - dedicated to nikki johnston's memory

dude. quit. - alex moore

VCR - dedicated to lina ortiz

goodbye orange dr - jeff lehman

SPECIAL THANKS to eli watson, benji mcelroy, kylie jansen, jordan tuerler, biniam bizuneh, mitch shepperd, elsie how, eddie perez, megan simon, marielle gaiser, denise gorrio, sam bartlett, matt rachuba, tommy bowe, devon dawson, luke millington-drake, forrest johnson, jake anderson, meggie gates, molly brown, thomas eslinger, nathan kooker and anyone else who has ever listened to me talk or sing.

thanks to albuquerque, new mexico for letting me hang out.


released May 1, 2017

all lyrics/music written by eric moore.

recorded/mixed/mastered by max neiberg.

cover art by lev cantoral based on photography by emily hisel. header photography by emily hisel.



all rights reserved


eric moore Los Angeles, California

songs written in iowa, california, and new mexico.

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Track Name: waffle cone
after school our sneakers stretched
to catch our broken earbud bets
'cause coffee's only 50 cents

steam is pulsing through the booth
the ice cream on your face is cute
the dullness of this town in bloom
the magic in a future moon

bekah smokes a cig outside
patrick's orange and jenna's high
our backpacks turn to sleeping bags
and passing christians call us FAGS

out in the woods past the big rock
we hear the summer pulse and pop
i hope the TV never dies
there's popcorn butter in my eyes

the leaves that caught our denim death
the DVD's we never kept
it's all a photo in your head
it's unimportant what i said.
Track Name: iron giant
watching the iron giant again
so i'll feel small or at least pretend
that i can't hurt anyone

we can all be a breed of lost but
paper planes still crash a lot
and they cut with
sugar shards

i don't hug a fight so well
the bottom line seems to underwhelm you
we tried our best; we had no spells

now all my friends live in LA
childhood dissolved away
throwing Spree's at the screen
when the ending sucked

miss my orange room by the pond
and the sweatshirts spilling from
the misty bench
Cheetos/Gamecube fog.
Track Name: jocey, marry me
we shared a name over a bowl of rice
didn't know back then i would need your advice
life has a way of being fun to you
sometimes i try and i fail to borrow your view

don't fucking stop
please don't catch me this time
just don't dissipate
before i say goodnight

at a basement show shared tentative words
we mysticize the moment over drinks at BIRDS
life had a way of making iowa warm
we made quips on porches, we got born

don't fucking stop
just don't catch me this time
please don't dissipate
before we say goodnight

you get me stoked even when i can't fucking breathe
like a panacea for anxiety
life has a way of making LA freeze
into a cosmic diner with a sugary breeze

don't stop now
just don't catch me this time
please don't dissipate
before i say goodnight.
Track Name: roscoe, illinois
said this year was gonna be different
i didn't know then
what different was
told you i was gonna fly away for good
well, i'm not now
'cause i lost my buzz

every time you feel like dying
she just sets her jacket down
a colder breeze isn't worth buying
if there's no one else around
barefoot in tinsel town

said this year was gonna be better
can you tell me
what's even good?
about an analyzed progression
if the data doesn't dazzle on your hood

every time you feel like dying
she just sets her jacket down
a colder breeze isn't worth buying
if there's no one else around
barefoot in tinsel town.

i drove around in slow motion
i laid mixtapes on the feet of my friends
drove around till i was broken
i watched this place clean me up once again

joy comes by at 10.
Track Name: ghosts are real
well, i'm sorry that i said
those demons were in your head
'cause a ghost did flips
in my glass of wine

and i'm waiting for decay
in a minnesota lake
when that weekend came
all we could do was shake

we drown in the same bar
a thousand miles apart
parked the car when the blacktop
broke your fall

so it's funny that i left
and i'm lacing shoes again
'cause exhausted hands are the first to play pretend
blending big and small
every city stumbles on
a lightbulb heart and a sigh you'll rely on

we drown in the same bar
a thousand miles apart
parked the car
when your heart just couldn't walk.

well, i'm sorry that i said
those demons were in your head
but a glass of wine
was all that we had left.
Track Name: my first eight months
my first eight months
couldn't wake up, couldn't love anyone
my first eight months
a little orange cast had broken my thumb
kept in a box
your words bit so sweet
flavored lip gloss
chewing me up
bubblegum beats
sneakers out in the street

my first eight lies
were burned on a CD, dipped in cheese fries
you knew i was gone
shouting from the back of
schaeffer hall
you'd better get lost

my eight fuckups
were buttered with newsprint
and gorgeous bad luck
i stretched out my arms
but the lock was in place
el cielo was marred.
Track Name: dude. quit.
well i've got this vapid job
that i really wanna quit
cause i really hate my boss
and he doesn't give a shit
about you or me
or any of our dreams
or the places that we'll run
when we're stoked on being free

and sometimes i wanna die
but you'd miss me too damn much
it's something sweet you said
when i was too damn drunk
and i love the way we feel
at night
and i hate the way we crumble
other times
and i don't wanna be
quiet anymore
and i don't wanna work
at your store

well i've got this senseless habit
that i really wanna quit
and i'll meet you back in los angeles
'cause we sparked something there
that was magic once before
and i don't wanna die on the
goddamn tile floor

and i paint you in the city
at night
'cause i don't mind that you shake
when you cry
but i don't wanna be quiet
cause they hate us when we scream
so let's make them hate us more

cause this whole mess is not what
love or life
is made for.
Track Name: VCR
why does it have to be
fuck it all
if you can't win?

what made you curse the globe
sitting there on page one again?

what is a dollar sign
to your vapid, peak-based
modern zen?

how did you scrape by
from your sofa's sugary cushion?

we watched the cocktails burn
the space where our past hands had been
i didn't write it down
but i felt something split
buttered up my youthy grit.
Track Name: goodbye, orange dr.
if you lose your soul
up at the top
of a foggy Hollywood
parking garage
i'll hide with you
til' the spinning stops

if we're so afraid
it's only the fault
of the digital plays
we never shut off
your eyes still bloom
in analog.

if all of the nights
you hung in your mind
were clothespined together
like a drunken word find
we'd sleep it off
we'd find time.

goodnight orange drive
goodbye orange drive.