city tree (2016)

by eric moore

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each song derived from a city i've been to, arranged in the order i went to them.

also on iTunes and Spotify.

autumn 2016.


released September 16, 2016

all lyrics and music by eric moore.



all rights reserved


eric moore Los Angeles, California

songs written in iowa, california, and new mexico.

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Track Name: des moines
she'll stab you everytime
she spots your sleeve
her calzone shirt splattered with green
you glance around;
no one's listening.
she stole the beat
with her candy smokescreen.

the skates we lost at seventeen
snowy edges, flickering
babies still learning to dream
never seeing
violent steam
on frosty mornings.
Track Name: sedona
red dust tastes great to little green men
bloody-face jeep ride
caught me then, cut me then
restaurant memory stole their screen
we got them raw
they didn't see
they couldn't see.

if you draw it big enough
they'll point at you and whisper "us"
if you paint it dark enough
purple skies will flutter shut.

the rooftop broke our TV fuzz
the Coke had real sugar, and bottled rust
the air gets thinner every year
hotels let the mountains steer

if i healed so quick
it's only because i let go
of dusty stress
and its hold
and me always thinking it'd show.
Track Name: kansas city
autumn showed up early
its leafy fingers curling
a freshly painted city
our tired eyes, sitting.

and you said we were babies
adults to the world
a tad bit eternal
a sad line made fertile

you were the prettiest
when you saw the jellyfish
and you wanted me to smile
and i did, for a while

i wanted to see the statues
that made me feel short
but the staring contest had failed
to hit rewind or retort.

we booze ourselves to fend off
the futures we refuse
the people we might become
habits already in use.

now it’s the last school day
or an early evening cry
or a back alley scrapped knee
a spoonful of
sun in your eye.
Track Name: tybee island
stifled pines and stolen bikes
are written in the sand tonight
the lighthouse was the griddle's eye
until the turtle said goodnight.

the sugar shack will cool sunburn
with malt and paper wrapping torn
from eras that we just won't leave
from voices radios believe.

watch me from your chip basket
hold your question till i ask it
kiss me in a future version
honesty heals me but hurts him.
Track Name: stillwater
Wayne didn’t used to need a cane
and we grin like we’re glad it came
the truth is he should be on the roof
his tool belt is his favorite book.

Barb never thought about herself
'til death was bolted to the shelf
now holidays are the peaks of life
and the in betweens are hard to write.

Diane needed chemo when
pills on the side wouldn’t mend
yelling seemed to lose its call
when the credits didn’t feel so far.

Jim went in for a routine
she hadn’t been alone since seventeen
but the way they kept him in that bed
October didn’t have a chance to end.
Track Name: milwaukee
Taught me how to hate
dizzy in the backseat of a documented place
imagining how cold it could be
to show up a few years early.

Taught me how to hide
pasting little letters just to get a ride
wish I hadn’t just seen
digital proof on a corrugated screen.

Taught me not to die
cutting cloth to patch me up
it’s a baby tooth disguise
we’re taking turns, it’s yours this time.
Track Name: roscoe
said this year was gonna be different
i didn't know then, what different was
told you i was gonna fly away for good
well i'm not now
cause i lost my buzz

every time you feel like dying
she just sets her jacket down
a colder breeze isn't worth buying
if there's no one else around
barefoot in tinsel town

said this year was gonna be better
could you tell me, what's even good
about an analyzed progression
if the data doesn't dazzle on your hood

every time you feel like dying
she just sets her jacket down
a colder breeze isn't worth buying
if there's no one else around
barefoot in tinsel town

i drove around in slow motion
i laid mixtapes on the feet of my friends
i drove around till i was broken
i let this place clean me again
joy pops by at ten.
Track Name: chicago
I borrowed my roommate’s car four years ago
and he still doesn't know
i drove fast and the speckles in the dash were
just slushies, made by the road.

The hill and the bus scared my heart shut
but I opened it, because you bloomed.
we bought fast food so you could have room
to feed your youth, night was nothing new.

When I walk around in a city the sounds
dissipate with each step, and each slow zoom.
i crunch away at the timeline of the day
it’s easy to marvel, so hard to do.

Loving the way the desert entombs.
Track Name: los angeles
bought Christmas on a tape deck
a drizzled outer space wreck
glitter on the old trek
to your peace street sleeping bag.

strangers drink at the two bars
trending digital scrapbook shards
if you know her, this place is ours
but don't forget our favorite scars.

i miss someone i don't yet love
when I ditch the sunny fuzz
i'll call you up and match your buzz.