summer day demos (2012​-​14)

by eric moore

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i'm planning to write a couple songs this summer, possibly to polish them up in the fall or perhaps to just leave them as rough sketches.


released July 10, 2014

all lyrics and music by eric moore.



all rights reserved


eric moore Los Angeles, California

songs written in iowa, california, and new mexico.

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Track Name: the coziest place (i've been in a while)
skimming through the
dark trees
with sleeping coffee shops
wide-eyed gas station lights
in my car
at 11:54 p.m.
as you stand on a plane
a thousand miles away

in this goofy little city
with its VHS zoo
where in sunny days
i boarded flights
with pilot wing accolades

sand fizzing in my shoes
ready to burst
and in the adult situation
i'm the adult
i laugh at the
Track Name: neon yellow laces
cap and gown
today the future's going down
in history, you'll sleep with the memories
lost and found
painted on your face
is an optimist
who escaped, unscathed
the only thing you don't know
is what comes after today

neon yellow laces atop a
broken chair
pieces of a citrine
lost in your vapid stare
undress yourself until you're
the only part that's spare
slip into a new dream
and embrace the cosmic terror
all you got's a long shot
and i love
those odds.
Track Name: jeff
Run on, if you can
The show is running late
Keep on, for me, man
I’m glad you’re feeling great

Starry air in our lungs
Laughing ad naseum
We missed the joke
But it found us

Standing at the bus stop
Long after the bus was gone
You tied your shoes
Every six months

When you found love
It was all you talked of
Buying new jeans
Way too snug

In November
The road dismembered
The little world so brief
But so damn fun

You’ll always be the best
As my college essay can attest
Friends don’t die
They just get rest
Track Name: when we want the sun
babe, i love you
this small thing
thing i know
babe, i love you
on your porch
we see snow

when we want the sun
well what am i to do?
i see you
i see you
i can see you

babe, i love you
the small thing
thing i know
babe, i love you
oh where, where would i go?

without you
where would i go
without you?

i don't know
i don't know
this much is true