occasional skyline (2016)

by eric moore

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written while putting off comedy stuff.


released March 6, 2016

all lyrics and music by eric moore.

other audio credited on individual tracks.



all rights reserved


eric moore Los Angeles, California

songs written in iowa, california, and new mexico.

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Track Name: sunny snow
we froze in the sunny snow the day
you told me love was a borrowed joke
Tripping in broken boots you yelped
a drying out sold-out tune
said “I can only be honest with you.”

my skin got thick as quicksand as the
suits drank their juice
I found peace in a tragic moon landing
faked on the local news.
said “I’ve got some wiggle room.”

she’s got a classic smile you know
the kind you’d want to buy a Coke for
doesn’t see the point in keeping up
ostentatious posts
said “I just don’t have time for those.”


i kiss oceans when the concrete hurts too bad
i lace up old shoes
I'll never be the one looking for
a solitary view
i'm saying “This vista’s pretty because of you.”
Track Name: we are clear
This is me
or it's where I used to be.
And this is you
peeling oranges off the truth.
And this is us
in the glare of a city bus
and we are cold
and you have run
this is us.

And it gets old, the phrases,
I am told I can't break through
a park bench painted blue.
I can't see where the joy lies
in biting teeth
they are mean
they aren't very nice to me
no one's nice to me.

Here is life in the
boarders of our eyes.
There goes a friend
dripping down my shoes again.
We glow now on the blankets of the crowd,
pulsing loud, then they're gone.
We typed the ending wrong
and it is cut
it is lost
it evaporates our cost
and we are clear
see-through clear
there is nothing here.
Track Name: pencil
all i want to do sometimes
is tell you goodnight
one more time

all i ever knew inside was
a pencil wouldn't suffice
not in this life

sprinting with a tattered kite
is how i survived
i couldn't taste spite

wishing is a young man's right
it got too bright
for even my own mind's black eyes

all i want to do sometimes
is tell you goodnight
one more time
Track Name: ghosts and lakes
well i'm sorry that i said
those demons were in your head
'cause a ghost did flips in my glass of wine

and i'm waiting for decay
in a Minnesotan lake
when that weekend came
all we could do was shake

we drown in the same bar
a thousand miles apart
stopped the car when the blacktop
broke your fall

so it's funny that i left
and i'm lacing shoes again
'cause exhausted hands are the first to
play pretend

blending big and small
every city's stumbled on
to a lightbulb heart and a sigh
you'll rely on

milk the dearth won't you
claim new cheese-fried truth
i'll stop writing at
the moment you crush your clue.
Track Name: whispers in atwater village
if you could see me now
these words aren't worth my mouth
we spoke so much about avoidance
trees broke when our confidence employed us.

i know there's a lot of truth to swallow
and to be sought
starry skies don't filter our whispers
people crouch when a new day splinters.

smile when there's a day you can't enjoy
cry behind the mask of a boy
listen for the sound i hid away
remember scenes as they decay.
Track Name: Market Street
i miss the fog of thinking we'd never break out
walking a mile in the snow
making out
with a snarkily sad kid rock song
twitched behind the scenes
screamed when our chorus came on.

i miss the way we hated it all
John's Grocery giving us love
but we're small
donning a saccharine carpe diem view
sleep in forever
it's the only permanent
thing we can do.
Track Name: somewhere big
it's okay if you want to go somewhere big alone
you'll get scared when you gotta come home, come home
if you gotta come home, that's okay too
the old door was gaudy and broken
we got something new
we forgot to tell you

your father is starting to see he's made good for the world
the desert is calling
the fields are too cold
his armchair just hurts
your sister is drinking; acting her age
emitting little phrases borrowed from
lemongrass sage
it's part of that stage

the turning is heavier than it's ever been
the blandness of a full mall
the broken splotch of a pen
but you'll smile again

and the stable portrait of life
you only framed with her
can happen again
under a bar light
by the ocean floor
so quit settling scores.
Track Name: vcr
why does it have to be
fuck it all
if you can't win?
what made you curse the globe
sitting there on page one again?

what is a dollar sign
to you vapid peak-based modern zen?
how did you scrape by
from your sofa's sugary cushion?

we watched the cocktail burn
a space where our
clasped hands had been
i didn't write it down, but
i felt something split
buttered up my youthy grit.